May 2006

Demanding Accountability

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Josephine Co.
Sheriff Election
Keep Problems
or Start Fresh?

By Edward Snook
Investigative Reporter

Volumes have been written about Sheriff Dave Daniel’s ludicrous administration, his lies, incompetence, enormous waste of tax dollars, abuses, etc. (conduct a Google search on Dave Daniel or contact the Observer for many such examples). And now Daniel wants to be a Josephine County Commissioner and Daniel’s right-hand man, current under-sheriff, Brian Anderson wants to become our Sheriff. For voters to elect either person to any position would be just as much an embarrassment as when Daniel’s “Chicken Case” was laughed about by police departments and citizens around America.

The US~Observer has conducted an interview of all sheriff candidates on page 6 of this edition. Please keep in mind when you vote at the next election for sheriff that we have endured a number of years with an administration that has wrongfully fired officers, costing tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars. This same administration has factually used sheriff’s office clout to damage good citizens in both the political and private arenas. In other words, Sheriff Dave Daniel has used his position and some of his deputies to hurt honest individuals in an attempt to further their political position. Under-Sheriff Brian Anderson was part of these corrupt blunders and it is reported that Anderson admitted that he took part in the wrongful firings at a recent sheriff’s candidate forum.

From a hands-on perspective the US~Observer knows that Josephine County needs a fresh start concerning our Sheriff’s Department. Any candidate besides Brian Anderson would offer that start as Anderson is the only candidate who took part as a key administrator in the Sheriff’s Office waste and abuse during the Daniel administration. The Observer urges voters to choose wisely when they vote for a new Sheriff in the upcoming election. It is imperative that we elect a candidate capable of fixing our badly damaged and broken Sheriff’s Office.

As head of Investigations for the US~Observer I felt a civic duty to file the following complaint with the Secretary of States Office on April 11, 2006. Just like other abuses Anderson has taken part in, he is continuing to conduct himself in the same manner as he has while assisting Daniel to run a very sorry department. In my opinion Brian Anderson is clearly breaking Oregon’s election laws when he displays his badge bearing the State of Oregon seal on his election signs, flyers, etc. This implies to many that the state is endorsing Anderson, an edge which his opponents don’t have. On April 18, 2006 the US~Observer was informed by the Secretary of State’s Office that the complaint has been sent to Executive Department for investigation.

Elections Complaint

April 11, 2006

Dear Secretary of State:

I am formally filing a complaint regarding what I consider to be election law violations occurring in Josephine County, Oregon by the campaign to elect Brian Anderson for sheriff.

Where is the equality in an election where one candidate takes unfair advantage of the State election laws? Brian Anderson, one of the candidates running for Josephine County Sheriff is deliberately using the Oregon State seal in campaign literature and signs posted throughout the county. Oregon law clearly defines improper conduct during elections.

ORS 186.023 – Improper use of state seal: (2) No person shall use any reproduction of the seal of the State of Oregon: (a) In any manner falsely implying official endorsement or sponsorship by the State of Oregon…

ORS 260.432 - Restrictions on political campaigning by public employee: Paragraph (3) Use of facilities and property, sub Paragraph 11 – “Elected officials are entitled to use the state seal in their official capacity, but not in their capacity as candidates for public office. The state seal may not be used in connection with an individual or organization if its use implies endorsement or sponsorship of the State of Oregon.”

According to the law, a civil penalty is imposed for this violation. Or, are we to believe the State of Oregon endorsed one particular candidate for sheriff?

I am asking that you investigate these violations. Attached you will find a copy of one of Anderson’s mailers and one yard sign. Please note that the Oregon State seal is clearly visible on both and will surely be construed by many voters as an endorsement of Anderson by the State of Oregon.

On February 1, 2006, Brian Anderson appeared at a Chamber of Commerce meeting, in uniform and announced he was a candidate for sheriff. I believe if your investigator would check records at the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office he/she will find that Anderson was being paid with public money at that time.

During a Monday morning briefing at the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office Brian Anderson asked deputies to write letters to the Grants Pass Daily Courier in retaliation against a letter which was written by Scott Calhoun (letters attached). Several personnel also advised that Anderson photo-copied the letter written by Calhoun (attached) using office equipment and distributed it to the working employees. This political activity clearly was conducted while Anderson was on duty and his political activity obviously helped his campaign as some deputies wrote the letters they were asked to write.

Anderson has, without question used his business phone to plan, schedule or promote political events. A check of his phone records will substantiate this fact.

There are several current Josephine County sheriff deputies who have approached us on the condition of anonymity who have stated they would be willing to come forward and participate in an investigation by your office regarding the improprieties of the Anderson campaign within the operations of the department.

Time is of the essence concerning these complaints as the up-coming election is rapidly approaching. At the very least the State of Oregon should take the appropriate action to make the Brian Anderson for Sheriff campaign remove any signs and campaign materials wherein the use of the state seal is being displayed in clear violation of state law.

Edward Snook

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