November 2008

Demanding Accountability

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Lawsuit Filed in Biker Case
Defendants Caught in Lies

By Edward Snook
Investigative Reporter

Stan Strange testifies during his cirminal trial.
Strange, Seybold and Pombo were all vindicated.
The "bikers" are suing the 3 who made false claims.

Josephine County, OR - On May 5, 2008, Josephine County District Attorney Stephen Campbell’s 1-1/2 year long, attempted false prosecution of motorcyclists Stanley Strange, Glen Seybold and Louis Pombo ended when an exemplary jury completely acquitted the three on false charges of Reckless Driving and Assault. Read the complete and factual history of this case at

The Lawsuit

On August 25, 2008, plaintiffs Strange, Seybold and Pombo sued defendants Eric Hill, Samantha Pettigrew and Alexander Golden, charging them with Negligence and Malicious Prosecution, charges that were clearly proven during the criminal trial.

The lawsuit claims, “On or about August 27, 2006, defendant Hill was operating his vehicle close behind plaintiffs and tried to run plaintiffs off the road on Highway 199. When plaintiffs pulled over at a diner to call the police, defendant Hill stopped his car and plaintiff Strange was speaking with defendant Hill when defendant Hill rolled up the window of his car and caught plaintiffs arm in the window and then defendant Hill drove his vehicle, dragging plaintiff Strange along the roadway causing damages and injury to plaintiff Strange.”

During the May, 2008, criminal trial all three defendants gave different stories as they testified. They were all caught in their lies when two separate and independent eye witnesses told the jury what had actually occurred. The eye witness testimony matched the testimony of Strange, Seybold and Pombo.

The lawsuit continues, “Defendants tried to run the three plaintiffs off the road on Highway 199, and then all three defendants lied to the police, the district attorney and a jury about the facts of the incident and caused the three plaintiffs to be arrested and prosecuted for reckless driving and caused plaintiff Strange to be charged with assault as well. Upon trial of the matter, the jury, after hearing the false testimony of the defendants returned a verdict of acquittal for the plaintiffs after deliberating for less than 15 minutes.”

Originally the plaintiffs intended to sue District Attorney (DA) Stephen Campbell for his part in the proven false and malicious prosecution however, finances became a road-block for this endeavor. Corrupt immunity statutes also contributed to the plaintiff’s decision not to sue DA Campbell and Officer Joshua Quick of the Oregon State Police. If we had a clean criminal justice system Campbell, Quick, and Deputy District Attorney Nick Tran would all be without a job due to their corrupt and incompetent actions. It should be noted that DA Campbell, Tran and Quick were well aware of separate eye witness testimony many months prior to the criminal trial and yet none of these corrupt individuals made any attempt to contact them or get to the truth – they simply put their “blinders” on and figured they could get an ignorant jury to convict, just like they do in many other false prosecutions they conduct.

We have been informed that the defendants are sticking to their lies and that their insurance company plans to defend them. This tact really won’t afford them any insulation due to the fact that as soon as a civil jury hears the documented evidence of the defendants lies, Hill, Pettigrew and Golden will be found liable, they will pay the damages and justice will be partially served.

Editor’s Note: Anyone with information about this case, in particular, knowledge of Hill, Pettigrew and/or Golden, is urged to contact Edward Snook at:

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