October 2006

Demanding Accountability

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Daily Headlines! - Click Here --US~Observer
New! President Bush signs controversial US anti-terrorism law --AFP

US~Observer Exclusive Headlines

“F--- the Public” Says Brian Anderson
Affidavits cite Anderson as saying, “citizens get what they pay for”


USA Thomas Moore Coerces Innocent Man
U.S. Attorney Kevin Ryan Allows AUSA to Play God


RICO Suit Looms

Gold Hill - Strange Bedfellows
Councilors Wolf & Silva Need to Go


Gold Hill Identity Theft
Search Warrant Issued


New Taxes Anger Residents

Showdown at the OK corral?
Truth & justice currently have no home in Oklahoma


DA Lane Addresses Okla. FOP and Loses Their Endorsement

Judicial Corruption Arrogance – Part Six
The Eugene Forte Story



Black Widow, Judith K. Johnson, Tucks Tail

The Lacey Update

Oregon News

Bad Bust in Southern Oregon?

Oregon legislator to seek ban on field burning

Trade agreements negatively impact Oregon
--Statesman Journal

Public officials can pay for their own trips
--Albany Democrat Herald

Study: Modern hatchery techniques offer help for wild salmon

Oregon DHS is trying to steal my son

The Grange:
Adopted Resolutions for a Stronger America


In the Nation

Congress Creates a New Class of Criminal
Corporate welfare drives ban on internet gambling
and criminalizes a new class of citizen


US federal judge declares boating & other public use illegal in all US navigable waters
--IBI Magazine

Bankruptcy Petitioners to Face Greater Obstacles in Some States

Election Day begins, goes all month long

Colo. Attack Proves Fallacy of ‘Gun Free School Zone’ Laws

US Eavesdropping ‘Can Continue’
--BBC News

DNA frees 21-year prisoner

World News

N. Korea Appears to be Preparing for Another Nuclear Test
--ABC News

Stonehenge makes list in new seven wonders vote

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Health / Science

"Diet" cocktails are more intoxicating

Marijuana may stave off Alzheimer's


Last-minute bill changes funding for border fence
--Washington Post

Green Card Lottery Registration has Started

Have you been falsely charged with a crime? Call 541-474-7885


The next 100 million and the face of America
--CS Monitor

Will We Survive World War III?

Something has changed and it's not the guns
--Steve Eggleston

Quietly, Quietly Building The North American Union

What Would You Do?
--Verbal Assassination

Letters to the Editor


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