October 2009

Demanding Accountability

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Deschutes County District Attorney Michael Dugan
1164 N.W. Bond Street
Bend , OR . 97701


 August 6, 2009


Dear Michael,

We have taken on the case of Kevin Driscoll, case number 09-04-30317 and have determined following our initial investigation, without any reservation whatsoever, that these are false criminal charges. I understand that your office receives police reports, etc. and that you are simply following through on the information that you have. I don't know if you have been provided all the information in this case, but I need to inform you personally, since Jody Stutsman Vaughan has been assigned the case. I have been at extreme odds with her in the past and I will not communicate with her in any manner.

I would ask that you personally look into the facts surrounding the false criminal charges against Kevin Driscoll. Please read the recent statement from Private Investigator Brian Buchanan as well as the statement of Ryan Rossow, Melissa's husband.

Melissa is a person who has reportedly had numerous consensual sexual partners while married and incurred a DUI conviction this year. Melissa has also placed concerning statements on her “My Space” account which clearly represent a promiscuous lifestyle and has continued drinking and partying since the letter that she wrote to the judge about how she's so scarred of Kevin Driscoll that she needs someone to watch over her at night while she sleeps.

The video surveillance which I have viewed clearly shows the truth. The video(s) show clear evidence that Melissa lied on the police reports. She is shown giving another person a hand job in Kevin's driveway, as well as casually leaving his home in the early hours of the morning in question, while Kevin sits inside his vehicle waiting for her. She clearly has no fear of Kevin Driscoll whatsoever and after supposedly getting violently raped declines to run or get away from him. She had full opportunity to run, or better yet walk to a neighbor as Kevin sat in his vehicle.

The forensic report obtained by the defense also exposes Melissa's lies to the police and the hospital staff who examined her hours after her alleged incident. There is an eye witness who has stated that he personally saw the bruises prior to Melissa sleeping with Kevin.

This case is one of the more sensational cases that I have taken on in my many years of experience and although it would be a shame to not publish it regarding the promotion of our business, it will be a greater shame to see Kevin Driscoll suffer further damage. What has happened to Kevin is absolutely tragic. His reputation with his peers has suffered beyond repair and his employer has suspended him indefinitely, while his home is about to be foreclosed on.

It has been my practice in recent years to give public officials the opportunity to correct wrongful or mistaken actions before taking such actions into the public arena. I intend to begin publication of this case in September if it has not been dismissed. Let me know of your decision as soon as possible as time is of the essence.

In closing, I am fully aware that it isn't the practice of district attorneys to second-guess their assistants, however this case seriously warrants your review. The US~Observer does not need to be at odds with your office Michael and I am doing my best to see that this doesn't happen.

Please be apprised that the blog titled “Bend Observer” is not affiliated with the US~Observer in any way.

Best Regards

Edward Snook
Chief of Investigations

DUGAN'S RESPONSE District Attorney Michael Dugan Deceitful Letter




Deschutes County District Attorney Michael Dugan
1164 N.W. Bond Street
Bend , OR . 97701


 August 24, 2009


Dear Michael,

I have been in Montana on a case much of the last two weeks and didn't get your letter until the 21st . We have been assured by Kevin Driscoll's attorney Ted Coran that he has given all of the evidence referenced in our letter dated August 6, 2009 to your assistant, Jody Vaughan. I am aware that Mr. Coran made a trip to your office on 8-24-09 and spoke with Ms. Vaughan. She had the evidence in her file, according to Coran.

Vaughan reportedly stated that I was just out to get her, that she has a doctor who will dispute Kevin Driscoll's expert forensic witness and that you were simply asking me for the evidence so that you could see everything we have. I sincerely hope that the later accusation regarding evidence is not true. I also want to stress that I'm not out to get Jody Vaughan. I looked at some very strong evidence and concluded that Kevin Driscoll never raped anyone. Further, I didn't base my conclusion on the forensic report. I am as aware as you are that expert witnesses are hired by either the defense or the prosecution and they usually testify accordingly.

I don't understand why Mr. Coran went to see Ms. Vaughan, in light of the fact that I faxed a rough draft of the article I have prepared and the letter I wrote you and the letter you wrote back, days before his trip to your office.

Michael, please go over the evidence that Jody Vaughan has and I strongly believe that you will reach the same conclusion that I did

Best Regards


Edward Snook
Chief of Investigations


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