October 2009

Demanding Accountability

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US~Observer Exclusive


By Dean Muchow
Investigative Reporter

Boise, Idaho, District Four of the Idaho Dept. of Probation and Parole
Wednesday, October 7th, 2009
- Special investigators from the Idaho Dept. of Corrections (IDOC) and the U.S. Marshall's Office reportedly have shut down the regional office of Probation and Parole located in Boise, Idaho. Prior to the shut-down, all off-duty personnel were called into the meeting and advised of the shut-down.

According to information, the probation officers were reportedly told to “stand-down” or operate on a limited basis pending the outcome of the investigation. Approximately 36 officers have been told not to report back to work, four officers terminated, and another three or four officers have quit.

The investigation reportedly focuses on probation officers, and mainly from the sex-offenders unit, steering the probationers and parolees (referred to as "Clients" by the officers) into housing owned by special interests, manipulating polygraph exams in order to violate clients unfairly, facilitating the sale of vehicles to the clients for a special interest, violating HIPPA regulations, coercion of clients, and coercion of potential witnesses. Reportedly, there is a captured web-page written by one of the officers in the sex offender unit, detailing how he likes bondage and sado-masochistic behavior. We expect to obtain a reported copy of that "Facebook" web-page soon.

The investigation reportedly branches out to the Ada County, Idaho Prosecutor's Office, the Idaho Dept. of Corrections, S.A.N.E. Solutions (which stands for "sex abuse now ended") of Boise, Idaho and a few other private contractors involved with the system.

There is also a multi-million dollar tort claim filed against the district office by a former inmate whose allegations drew the attention of the IDOC investigators.

Our confidential informant states, "a former probation officer who left the district-four probation office due to the corruption, will be testifying in deposition later this week." Other officers, inmates, and former officers, have also come forward to help the IDOC and U.S. Marshall's investigators resolve the case.

While working on the story I received word from local area law enforcement officers expressing gratitude that the reported corruption of the Probation and Parole Dept. was finally being addressed.

According to our inside sources the investigation could last several months and cause quite a disruption in the justice system in Idaho.

The US~Observer will continue the track this story until it reaches its conclusion. The Public Information Officer (PIO) for the IDOC has yet to return a call.

NOTE: This is an active investigation and the US~Observer has special informants delivering detailed information on this situation. The US~Observer, for a time, will withhold certain names and information regarding reported specific details of this investigation in the interest of cooperation with law enforcement.

Please call 541-474-7885 if you have any information on the issues contained in this news-alert.

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