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Vancouver City’s Severe Abuse -
Doctor Files Amended Complaint

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By Edward Snook
Investigative Reporter

Vancouver, WA – On September 23, 2011 an Amended Complaint was filed in the case of Kathy Marshack vs City of Vancouver. A hearing is scheduled in Clark County Superior Court on October 14, 2011 regarding the complaint.

Since 2004, Dr. Marshack has experienced threatening phone calls and emails, spurious code enforcement citations, video-stalking, cyber-stalking, lawsuits, assault and battery, false arrests and malicious defamation. The Mayor, City Manager, City Attorney, Police, the Columbian Newspaper owner, and several of Dr. Marshack's neighbors have reportedly terrorized her and her family for years, and still to this day. Read the detailed history of Marshack’s struggle to protect herself at - (article 1) (article 2).

Marshack settled her lawsuits with the vindictive and dangerous neighbors who targeted her because she refused to allow them to trample her property rights to easements allowing her access from her property to the Columbia River. She now is attempting to hold the City of Vancouver WA. responsible for the acts of near-terrorism that they have leveled at her since 2004.

Marshack Video
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Claims from Marshack’s Amended Complaint - Read the full complaint here.

“Plaintiff Kathy Marshack was previously married to Howard Marshack, an attorney at law practicing in the City of Vancouver. In 2002 divorce proceedings were initiated between plaintiff and Howard Marshack. During the course of the proceedings, a dispute arose regarding personal property and an incident occurred at the law office of Howard Marshack, which resulted in the City of Vancouver initiating a criminal prosecution against Plaintiff Marshack.

During the pendency of the divorce proceedings, the City, through a number of its agents and employees, began to treat plaintiff differently than other citizens. These actions were initiated by Josephine Townsend, who was then serving as Assistant City prosecutor and acting within the course and scope of her employment.

In September 2004, plaintiff appealed to the City Ombudsman who was then Jim Jacks, for assistance in dealing with the City. Jim Jacks, rather than performing the functions of his office as described to the general public, including plaintiff, assumed an advocacy position contrary to that of plaintiff, and actively joined Josephine Townsend and others against plaintiff. Jim Jacks issued a report, and published it, asserting that plaintiff was a ‘functional sociopath,’ was not qualified to act in her professional capacity as a psychologist and has explosive anger management problems. Those assertions have no factual basis.”

The lawsuit further states, “ On March 14, 2007 the Columbian newspaper published another article implying that Marshack was the troublesome party and failing to mention that she had won in Court many times against the attacks of her neighbors and the City of Vancouver. Since Columbian owner Scott Campbell was meeting privately with City officials about her, yet she had no knowledge of these meetings, she could not possibly defend herself against them.”

Having covered Dr. Marshack’s incredible story of survival - witnessing the severe criminal actions of City of Vancouver officials and others against her, I am completely amazed that she has found the strength to get through all of the unwarranted attacks in one piece.

In my well-qualified opinion, Josephine Townsend, Jim jacks and others who conspired to damage and destroy Dr. Kathy Marshack, should be in a prison cell for what they have done to her. If she were to receive every dime from the City of Vancouver coffers, it wouldn’t begin to right the wrongs that have been committed against her.

Editor’s Note: Don’t miss our next article on the outcome of Kathy Marshack vs City of Vancouver.

Columbian newspaper owner and Howard Marshack have not been forgotten – each and every detail of their involvement in this case will be made public at the appropriate time.

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