September 2005

Demanding Accountability



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Gun Rights - The Big Picture ... "New Orleans, Criminals, Looters, and Second Amendment Rights" --US~Observer

$30-Million & Counting The Stupidity
Removing Oregon's Savage Rapids Dam
--Oregon News Online

Caves, trails, redwoods and a lighthouse --Seattle Times

Bend, Oregon Bulge Monitored --AP

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Wireless World: Chips track license plates --United Press International

Servers keep churning in ID theft case --CNET

Using the Patriot Act to Get Library Records --New York Times

Private medical information isn't so private

If you feel you have been victimized through
false prosecution ... let us help!


Illegal Aliens and American Medicine

Will recent immigration moves help Napolitano? --Arizona Republic

A Judicial Injustice: The continued rape of innocent victims --Verbal Assassin

Letters & Special Interest

September '05 Letters to the Editor

MALDEF - Supporting the Latin Community
Companies Contributing to the
Mexicanization of America

You can use the f-word in class
(but only five times)
--Daily Mail


Between a rock & a hard place --William Perry Pendley

Termite holes teach bug spray solutions
Patriotic truth in the news and
enforcement of oath and duty --Attorney Craig Tweedy

A Judicial Injustice
The continued rape of innocent victims
--Verbal Assassin


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