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Replacing "Controlled" Newspapers ... WITH REAL ONES! - Find out about US~Observer's joint-venture program --Devvy Kidd
China toxic milk sickens 53,000 as scare spreads --AFP

US~Observer Headlines

Innocent Defendants
Pay Heavy Costs


Why a Newspaper?
The Real Story of
the US~Observer


Texas Senator John Carona
My Way “and” the Highway
Texas Politician’s Hidden Agenda


Oklahoma: Truth, Justice, and Parole


Freedom Candidate
Seeks Congressional Seat in Louisiana

--Truth Attack

I-TEAM: SWAT Team Honored
For Raid On Wrong House


The RNC in St. Paul:
The Shredding of The Bill of Rights

--Southside Pride

Republican National Convention
Minneapolis Police Riot: First Person

--Colleen Mihal

US Marks Seventh 9/11 Anniversary
--BBC News

Illegal alien murderers-for-hire
shock, suffocate, slit throats in U.S.

Digging our financial grave?
House to vote on $50 billion econ stimulus plan


Muslims in fed terror probe
making donations to Obama
Will candidate follow other Dems
who gave back jihad-tied funds?


Josephine County
State of the Sheriff's Department

--Sheriff Gil Gilbertson

OFFPAC endorszes Jim Leuenberger for Attorney General
--Irish Voice News


The 545 Who Control America
--Charlie Reese

Mother's Milk of Politics Turns Sour
--Bill Moyers and Michael Winship

Wag the Dog:
How to Conceal Massive Economic Collapse

--Ellen Brown, J.D.

Probate and Switch
--Lou Ann Anderson

Does SPP and NASCO support the “NAU”?
--Eric Coltrane

I don't carry a gun ...

The International Noose is Tightening

DOOM & GLOOM - Could it be true?
The Iran War - How It Will Begin
--The Earl of Stirling

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