September 2010

Demanding Accountability

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Woman Held by State Against Her Will
Doctor of record claims to have never diagnosed patient
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By Joseph Snook
Investigative Reporter

Trempealeau County Health Care Center
Trempealeau County Health Care Center

Manitowoc, WI – September 20, 2010 could possibly mark the beginning of Shigeko Skarvan’s eighth year in Trempealeau County Health Care Center. Shigeko has reportedly been held against her will, wrongfully diagnosed, and involuntarily subdued to drugs by Trempealeau County HCC, Manitowoc County and many others. See past articles at

Shigeko’s annual review to determine whether or not she is fit to live on her own, or if she needs to be confined for twelve more months is scheduled for Sep. 20, 2010. Since her husband passed away, her home has reportedly been stolen by Manitowoc County and her court appointed legal guardian, and subsequently sold. Her belongings, who knows? Her income is also reportedly deposited with her so-called “care takers”.

According to a letter dated August 5, 2010, written by Manitowoc County Human Services Department to Attorney Ryan O’Roake of the Corporation Counsel Office of Manitowoc County, Shigeko seems to have some hope. Shigeko has, according to this letter, the “right to a jury trial regarding the petition or regarding any Notice of Motion and Motion for Medication and Treatment and Order for Hearing that may be filed to be heard along with this Petition, then Subject must file for a jury trial at least 48 hours in advance of the time set for the hearing, or else the right to a jury trial is waived.”

Erik Loy, Defender or Deceiver?

According to the letter, Erik R. Loy is the public defender. One would rightfully assume that if Shigeko requests a jury trial that Erik would represent her fate, unless she was able to somehow get back the money that has reportedly been stolen from her to hire a decent attorney, and I stress the word “decent”. Erik called me regarding a message I had left with his secretary and during our conversation, he made it quite clear that this case was confidential and he was not sure how useful he could be since he wasn’t representing Shigeko. He seemed quite puzzled how I came into contact with Shigeko’s paperwork because it is confidential and “is not supposed to be given to a reporter.” He was reluctant to answer any questions regarding Shigeko. So, I asked him a hypothetical question; How can someone who is reportedly locked up against their will and medicated involuntarily request a jury in a situation like this? Instead of reasonably answering my question, like a public defender should, he quickly asked, “what publication do you work for”? Soon after I responded, he again stated, “this case is confidential” and terminated our conversation. Did Erik have something to hide?

Keep in mind it is also reported that Shigeko’s “court-appointed” guardian is not representing her best interests either. During my phone conversation with Sharon Stelzer, Shigeko’s court appointed guardian, I was abruptly interrupted, and then hung up on before I could ask a single question.

Confidential paperwork, hung up on by “Public Defender” Erik Loy, hung up on by Shigeko’s court appointed guardian, no return calls from the Executive Director of Trempealeau County’s HCC Phil Borreson, being told by Wisconsin Governor, Jim Doyle’s representatives at the Dept. of Health Services that the questions I had were out of their realm, no returned phone calls by others in his office, not to mention no returned call by Jim Doyle himself. Could it be because he’s on his way to retirement? One would absolutely have to assume that something is wrong with this picture, right?

Shigeko Skarvan
Shigeko Skarvan

All Shigeko reportedly wants is to be free. All this reporter has asked, is how can Shigeko receive an independent medical exam to prove or disprove the allegation that she is held against her will, and how can she rightfully request a jury of her peers when she is reportedly heavily medicated? The people who work for “You” in Wisconsin seem to think they have a pay grade that is just above the accountable one. I pray for the people who are represented by Erik Loy, just as Clinical Services Supervisor David J. Schilbline, MSW, LCSW prays that the court confine Shigeko for another 12 months. (According to documentation provided by Manitowoc County Human Services Dept.)

The US~Observer is going to contact Honorable Patrick L. Willis, Circuit Court Judge who is scheduled to hear this case on September 20, 2010. Hopefully he will uphold Shigeko Skarvan’s rights, for it is he who will make the final decision.

Writers Note: According to documentation from TCHCC (Trempealeau County Health Care Center), Dr. Bhaskar Reddy, Psychiatrist, was Shigeko’s primary physician in 2007. Dr. Reddy contacted the US~Observer on September 8, 2010, and was adamant that he had absolutely nothing to do with Shigeko Skarvan, and had never diagnosed her. In our previous article we stated the following; “It was reported that Shigeko Skarvan was wrongfully diagnosed with Bipolar 1 Disorder and/or Severe Manic Depression by Dr. Ruben Adams with the help of Psychiatrist Bhaskar Reddy, who are both reportedly on Trempealeau County Health Care Center’s payroll.” The US~Observer retracts the statement made about Dr. Reddy based on his word that he had nothing to do with this patient. The US~Observer also referred Dr. Reddy to Trempealeau County Health Care Center, for it was a document issued by them that represented Dr. Reddy as the Primary Physician of Shigeko. Dr. Reddy stated after I read him the retraction, “It is very highly appreciated.” Not only did Dr. Reddy state that TCHCC had wrongfully used his name, he stated that he was going to contact them to have them remove his name from any record that is associated with Shigeko Skarvan. Furthermore, Dr. Reddy applauds what the US~Observer is standing up for. He also stated, “I am 100% supportive of people like you.”

It is this writer’s belief, that Executive Director of TCHCC, Phil Borreson is one of the primary individuals responsible for Shigeko Skarvan’s confinement. Phil Borreson has not only failed to return my calls, he has now possibly committed fraud by putting a Dr’s name on TCHCC’s documents as the primary physician of a patient that said Dr. has never treated.

The US~Observer will report on Shigeko Skarvan’s upcoming hearing set for September 20, 2010, and expose everyone involved in holding her against her will.

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