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Final Two RICO Cases Dismissed
US~Observer’s Florida Clients Free
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Pepper and Jimmy Rodgers
Pepper & Jimmy Rodgers

By Joseph Snook
Investigative Reporter

Pensacola, FL. - Two years, two months and two weeks after being arrested Jimmy and Pepper Rodgers were informed on August 23, 2012 that they were no longer facing criminal RICO charges in Escambia County, Florida.

"From the day of my kidnapping to the date of that letter is
exactly 26 months and 2 weeks of mental bondage!
Thank GOD you guys were in business." - Jimmy Rodgers

Our investigation and subsequent publication of the Comfort Club, Get Better Referrals and the partners of those companies who were charged with RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) showed that there was clearly never any intent by any who were charged to commit any crime whatsoever.

Russ EdgarJohn DuBose
Prosecutors Russ Edgar & John DuBose

Prosecutor John DuBose filed the false charges and then “neglected” or completely ignored the evidence. The US~Observer then forced the facts down his corrupted throat. When forced responsibility finally reached Florida’s Governor and Attorney General, senior prosecutor Russ Edgar stepped into the case and professionally and systematically dismissed the intense felony charges that had been brought against five innocent US~Observer clients.

Jimmy and Pepper Rodgers were the last of five people charged to have their cases dismissed. You can read the in-depth articles at Search "florida rico" in our yahoo search engine on the left of our site.

"We all stood strong in the midst of this personal hurricane and that shall attest to our personal fortitude and character. I have enjoyed every minute of every conversation we have ever had, from all the deep belly laughs to all the frightful discussions of life in prison (90 years), which by the way to this minute none of us could fathom!

We were thrown into a situation where we lost control of our circumstances but did the best we could. We are now on the rebound and we must seek restoration and not revenge.

Thanks to Ed and Joe's complete devastation of the prosecutor's B.S. case we were kept from the excruciating ordeal of a trial. I will always keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers." - Jimmy Rodgers

Pepper Rodgers recent post on Facebook:

"If you have been falsely accused you MUST contact the US~Observer. They will help you more than any attorney. I speak from personal experience. See my story on their website. I am Pepper Rodgers and without them my life was over". - Pepper Rodgers

Editor’s Note: To read the Rodgers’ story, utilize the search tool on and seach for their names.

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