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Editor's Note: If you are looking to start an exciting and profitable venture, while creating real change for America, it is imperative you read the below article as well as the benefits to starting a joint venture newspaper!

By Edward Snook
Publisher, US~Observer

Approximately 33 years ago I got royally ticked off at the legal and political system in America as many of you have. I clearly observed that government was stealing people’s property, freedoms and most importantly, that government had stripped us of our constitution. I saw that most acts of my government, whether political or within our justice systems were clearly unconstitutional and therefore illegal (in theory or in other words, in truth). I should note that in a basic police state it doesn’t matter what is right or wrong, it only matters what the police state says and what they enforce.

My primary business was private investigations. I would take cases on, solve them and attempt to make sure that my clients were protected and insulated from whatever harmful entity or person that was attacking them. I started a group named Liberty Network, which eventually had a membership in excess of 400 people. In the beginning of my journey to seek accountability, my job, although challenging, was extremely rewarding. However, looking back I see that I was constantly “preaching to the choir.” It worked great at first but became routine and eventually, sometimes boring and at times unrewarding.

I utilized public access television and radio talk shows in an attempt to increase people’s awareness to the bad government that I witnessed on a daily basis, in addition to influencing the cases that I worked on. This avenue of media participation boosted my enthusiasm, giving me new hope that these venues would create the success that I needed and expected. My efforts affected a great many cases during those formative years; yet there seemed to be a point of diminishing returns. I was spending my money to help others and the contributions that once flowed, at the onset, were drying up.

Fortunately, at this same time in my life I had a very successful dog training business. I specialized in training personal protection and attack dogs for private citizens, celebrities and others. Dog World Magazine published articles I wrote on genetics, problems with lineage in dog lines, etc. I soon was accepted by the legal system as an “expert” on dog related cases and while most of our cases were solved outside of the court room, I eventually found myself faced with a dog-bite case mandating a trial.

The case involved a lady who owned two Rottweiler’s that were accused of nearly biting a young girl’s leg off. As a result of my experience with Rottweiler’s I was hired to handle the case. My first procedural act was to go to Clackamas County, Oregon Animal Control where the dogs were quarantined and conduct a temperament test on the animals. My team made arrangements with authorities to video the test. I encountered the unexpected when I entered the animal control center. I found, just as the lady who hired me said I would, that the two dogs were incapable of biting anyone, even out of self-protection. I pushed these two beautiful dogs further than a reasonable person would think of doing and they just wouldn’t bite or even fight back. After sharing the tape with the attorney of record we both were anxious to play the evidence in court – we had a slam dunk!

On the day of trial, I was readily accepted as an expert and I played my video for the court. Although most everyone in the room visibly showed their acknowledgment that the two dogs hadn’t bitten anyone, Judge Alan Jack found them guilty and sentenced them to death. He stated in open court that he wouldn’t own a German Shepard, a Rottweiler or a Doberman Pincher and that he wouldn’t even let these breeds near his property. I had finally been pushed over the edge by this evil and prejudiced “judge.”

Finding myself outraged, I sent my investigators into the records department at the courthouse with the instructions to conduct a full blown investigation into the judges past, while I wrote this corrupted individual a scathing, yet factual letter. The records indicated that Judge Jack had a track record of prejudicial decisions. I knew we had many problems with government before but I was now more than ever aware as to the depths our criminal justice system had fallen. I set out to spread the word about Jack and his corruption only to find myself “preaching to the choir” once again. The judge’s reputation was greatly damaged locally but at this point in time I was lacking the proper weapon to expose, destroy and impeach Judge Jack.

Facing financial straits from doing pro-bono cases, I set up a meeting with my closest friends and advisers to update them on my plan to go back into the business world full time. When informed of my decision to abandon my political/exposure work one of my closest mentors stated, “Ed you need to do more and the only way I see this happening is to start a newspaper.” This epiphany recaptured glimpses of my original excitement in the area of exposing corruption and the Oregon Observer was born.

We eventually started charging clients to create a much needed revenue flow. Once stabilized, it became abundantly clear that the only thing corrupted individuals fear, whether they work in the public or private sectors, is exposure. Corrupted individuals love to spend time in court rooms or behind closed doors, but they hate it when their depravity is publicly exposed to their friends, neighbors, family and most of all – the public. For the sake of brevity the Oregon Observer, now known as the US~Observer has won over 4,500 cases using the power of the press these past 25 years. Without the threat of exposure created by our newspaper, many of our clients would have been destroyed emotionally, mentally and financially. Many of the innocent individuals who have retained us after being falsely charged with crimes would have ended up behind bars, instead of experiencing the total vindication that we have provided them. In the realm of politics, many honest, hard working individuals would never have been elected to office had they been without our support during their campaigns and many incompetent crooks would have remained in office as opposed to being exposed and ousted.

Having watched the past Presidential Primaries and the extraordinary success that Dr. Ron Paul experienced at the grass roots level, isn’t it a wonder why the Ron Paul Revolution ended up at my same old crossroad; “Preaching to the Choir?” Paul ended up with 7% of the (Primary) vote and while he drastically energized his ranks, the “sleeping giant” remained asleep.

Today, I have brought my associates together to finish the job I started some 33 years ago, free from the financial burdens that impeded our early success. Dr. Paul’s vision can become a reality by reaching a majority of the population with the right message (news). This will only be accomplished when able minded Americans join in our effort to start hard-copy newspapers in every state in this nation. Newspapers that are self directed, while tied at the hip, profitable and hard hitting, will do exactly what the internet can’t accomplish – Accountability! Eventually, drastic change will occur within our system of government that no longer represents the interests of hard working Americans. Einstein once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.” Are we to remain hopelessly inept, or should we take bold action to change the status quo?

Now armed with the US~Observer, I am not lacking the weapon to completely right wrongs. From getting individuals elected on a state and local level to saving innocent people from sure destruction is now an everyday occurrence with the US~Observer. Verification of our claims is available upon request; as such claims are a matter of public record and many of our extremely grateful clients are more than willing to share their gratitude regarding the US~Observer.

I certainly don’t want to leave anyone with the idea that the US~Observer does not place value in the internet. At the US~Observer we use the internet on a daily basis to speed our success. It is simply a matter of fact that the internet won’t get us over the barriers that stand between the current condition of America and the total reformation of our country – Hard copy newspapers, working in conjunction with the internet can and will accomplish this. The US~Observer, as well as our present and former clients and the corrupted system we routinely prey upon, consider the US~Observer newspaper a weapon – it works and will work to a far greater degree when those within “the choir” avail their senses to what will and what will not gain the required exposure to stop this out of control government dead in its tracks.

In closing, I want to stress, that simply starting a newspaper is not the sole answer. Starting a great chain of connected, yet independent newspapers is very much the solution to our greatest problems since we declared our independence. This imperative venture is only for stout hearted, patriotic entrepreneurs who are smart enough to look closely at recent history and conclude from their observations that conferences, meetings, focus groups, and internet activism haven’t “completely” worked and will never completely work on their own. This venture is only for those who are intelligent enough to realize that any venture must be profitable or it will fail. It is for those who realize the power of the press and also that every group or movement in this nation requires media.

The US~Observer has spent many years proving what will work – If you are an individual or group of people who have the backbone and enough smarts to look at proof and then act on that proof – if you have enough common sense to realize America is going to hell in a hand-basket, then you must get involved with the US~Observer now.

The Ron Paul convention held in Minnesota, when he ran for President garnered an approximate 15,000 people. This is quite a feat and commendable for the organizers and participants, however, we should never forget that we have over 305 million people in America and failing to reach the majority of voters preempts a person like Ron Paul from reaching the White House.

Now, more than any other point in America’s history is the time to act; to reign in this wayward government and our out of control justice system. It’s time to put the people back in power and return control to the rightful heirs of this great republic. So, it’s time to put up, or quite frankly, shut up. Action is the only method that will truly work and the tool is a hard copy newspaper.

Do you see the vision? Are you both smart and principle driven? If you are, contact the US~Observer at 541-474-7885 today and take part in reforming America and in saving innocent victims from those who seek to destroy them.

Also, please read the benefits to starting a joint venture newspaper!

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