September 2006

Demanding Accountability

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Daily Headlines! - Click Here --US~Observer
New! A North American Union - Top Goal of Fed. Agency

US~Observer Exclusive Headlines

Blood Sport ~ The False Conviction of Kris Smith --US~Observer

Deer Creek Fraud - Elite Way to the Masses Money -
Victim Fung falsely charged as Prescott’s bilk millions!


Gold Hill Debacles - A Brief History --US~Observer

Judicial Corruption Arrogance – Part 5
The Eugene Forte Story

Injustice in OKC -
The Continued Imprisonment of Ryan Wonderly

Strip Club Protestors Fire Back --US~Observer

Strip Club Owner Fights City and Wins --US~Observer

The Grange:
Adopted Resolutions for a Stronger America

Oregon News

Fish-killing 'dead zone' along Coast
worse than initially thought, OSU scientists say

Ore. Sailor Charged as Spy --AP

The Best Car Salesperson Stamp of Approval --US~Observer

California, Oregon Salmon Fishers
Get Good News From Feds, Courts, Utility
--The Advocate

Sheriff Candidate Marches
to the Beat of Public Opinion

Oregon Home Buying Program Suspended --AP

National News

Five years on, US little prepared to combat terrorism --AFP

Federal Judges Get Tax Relief? --Wall Street Journal

Xerox Sends Free Cards to Our Heroes Abroad --US~Observer

Bush says Iraq straining nation's psyche --AP

World News

N. Korea Appears to Be Preparing for Nuclear Test --ABC News

Iran military exercises show danger of nuclear ambitions: US --AFP


Fascism by any other name is just as dangerous

What Would You Do? --Verbal Assassination

Letters to the Editor

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Health / Science

World now has more fat people than hungry ones: expert --AFP

Tobacco ruling fuels calls for new rules --AP

Preserved meat may cause cancer --AFP


Support For Border Agents Floods In --Daily Bulletin

US Immigrant Population Jumps --Reuters

US arrests 138 in heroin busts across country --Reuters

Have you been falsely charged with a crime? Call 541-474-7885


U.S. Judge Nixes Warrantless Wiretaps
Immediate Halt To NSA Surveillance Program Ordered,
But Parties Agree To Delay Injunction

U.S. to Roll Out Electronic Passports
Agency Plans to Issue Smart Chip-Embedded
Passports to American Citizens

Bill Seeks National Medical Records System --LA Times

Special Interest

Copperfield Says He's Found Fountain of Youth --Reuters

God & Country -
Dispelling the myth U.S. was not founded
on Christian principles

Passage of Vitter Amendment Shows
Public Shift on Gun Rights After Katrina

Statement from Chris Cox on NRA's Lawsuit
Against the City of New Orleans

An Old Farmer's Advice --US~Observer

Dios bendice América? --US~Observer

The incredible story of hostage Jill Carroll --CS Monitor

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