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Replacing "Controlled" Newspapers ... WITH REAL ONES! - Find out about US~Observer's joint-venture program --Devvy Kidd
Oregon City to Ban Would-Be Criminals --ABC News

Need-To-Know News

Israeli intelligence:
Iran will wait for Bush exit

--World Tribune

Gordon Brown gives Iran two weeks
to back down on nuclear programme

--Times Online

US~Observer Headlines

No Charges for “Dirty” Deputy
DA Refuses to Prosecute


The ‘DIRTBAG’ Legacy:
Gold Hill, Oregon


John Kerry Lies
About Swift Boat Veterans!
An Open Letter to Keith Olbermann


Dictatorial Environmental Quicksand
Department of Environmental Quality
Unconstitutional Delegation of Power to
Agents of the State of Oregon


Audit of Utah Gov't Agency
--Free Capitalist Daily


IRS Workers Protest
at South Austin Office

31,000 scientists reject ‘global warming’ agenda
‘Mr. Gore's movie has claims
no informed expert endorses’

Supreme Court Rules on the 2nd Amendment
Not as good as everyone thinks

Biblical message now criminalized
Penalties created for those who
criticize homosexuality

Fact or Fiction? Gas Myths Debunked --ABC News



Oregon Legislature Continues To Erode
The Fourth Amendment


Cops Kill Irishman in Oregon
--Irish Voice News


When it Comes to Presidents,
Think You Have a Choice?


Where the Looters and the Poachers Stalk Prey
--Lou Ann Anderson

Image and reality in Iran
--Online Journal

FEMA Concentration Camps:
Locations and Executive Orders

--Friends of Liberty

Departments: Point of Law
Vehicle Impounding

--Devallis Rutledge

Grange Resolution
--Deer Creek Grange

Letters to the Editor

 Have you been falsely charged with a crime? Call 541-474-7885

Daily Headlines

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