June 2007

Demanding Accountability

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US~Observer Exclusive Headlines

Oklahoma Prosecutor Smotherman Pushes False Charges?
The Murder and Exploitation of Kelsey Smith-Briggs

--US~Observer Oklahoma

Crazed AUSA Thomas Moore
Assistant U.S. Attorney Files 87 False Charges

A Game Plan to Destroy a City --US~Observer

Corrupt Councilors Found Guilty
of Having an Illegal Meeting!

Gold Hill’s Royal Gasso
Under Investigation and Facing Charges

Oklahoma - Land of Incarceration --US~Observer Oklahoma

From Arrest to Prison in 17 Days
Reno Francis and Other OK Innocents
--US~Observer Oklahoma

This Could Happen to You!
Innocent Until Forced Guilty
--US~Observer Oklahoma

Oregon News

What's Eating Gilbert Creek?
Diesel Spill Could be a Blessing in Disguise

1yr. Reprieve on Justice Money
How the Sheriff is planning for the Future

A Dirty Rat Attorney,
and Life-Sucking Agency in Oregon?

Grange Resolution -
Stop the International Bid for Control of the Internet
--Deer Creek Grange

Design and Sell Merchandise Online for Free

In the Nation

Bush Grants Presidency Extraordinary Powers --WorldNetDaily

Pricey gasoline costs U.S. consumers extra $20 bln --Reuters

House passes gasoline price profiteering bill --Reuters

Health / Science

US, Canada “controlled risk” zones for mad-cow disease --AFP

Fish oil plus exercise may banish body fat --Reuters

Million dollar prize aims to lure new cancer ideas --Reuters


Have you been falsely charged with a crime? Call 541-474-7885


Hope Rides Alone --Sgt. Jeffers

Second Amendment
Used to Dump Gun Law

Judicial Tyranny --NewsWithViews.com

Administrative Law –
An Unconstitutional Route to Perdition
--Keith Allison

Edition 18 Letters to the Editor --US~Observer


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