November 2009

Demanding Accountability

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Deschutes County District Attorney
Michael Dugan
Truth Is Different From Fact?

By Edward Snook
Chief of Investigations

Deschutes County, Oregon, November, 2009 – On January 23, 2009, Kevin Driscoll of Redmond, Oregon was charged with 3 counts of rape, one count of unlawful sexual penetration, one count of sodomy and one count of assault IV. The US~Observer investigated Driscoll’s case and found, in our opinion that Melissa Leahy-Rossow had falsely accused him of these crimes.
Read the startling facts of this case here.

In our original article we provided overwhelming evidence that Rossow is a very “loose woman” to put it mildly. The evidence in this case clearly shows that Rossow has lied to and withheld evidence from Redmond, Oregon Police.

The US~Observer had no part in editing or filming this video.

The video tapes obtained by the US~Observer and described in our original article show that Driscoll was simply another convenient, male sexual partner for Rossow. She tells the police that Driscoll bruised her as he was raping her and they take pictures of those bruises. An eye-witness later admits to having sex with Rossow prior to the alleged rape and on the same evening in question and states that the bruises were present when he had intercourse with her. Rossow claims that she is petrified of Driscoll, yet video evidence shows quite the opposite. Why would Deschutes County District Attorney (DA) Michael Dugan, who is fully aware of these facts, continue this abusive false prosecution?

The US~Observer had no part in editing or filming this video.

The media in Deschutes County, Oregon has aided and abetted DA Dugan in destroying Kevin Driscoll. They have cost him his job and completely destroyed his reputation. And now Dugan is telling those angry citizens who contact his office that the truth is different from the facts. Our readership needs to keep in mind that even though DA Dugan has his assistant, Jodi Vaughan falsely prosecuting Driscoll, he is the person responsible.

After we completed our in-depth investigation and prior to printing our initial article we did what any responsible media would do – we contacted DA Dugan to inform him of the facts of this case and give him the opportunity to drop the false charges. We were told in a response letter (see all letters) from Dugan that he wasn’t privy to any of the video or other evidence that we referenced and he asked for the US~Observer to provide him the evidence. We did some further investigation and found that his assistant Jody Vaughan already had the evidence and that he was merely attempting to deceive us. In a brief response letter, we explained to Dugan our concerns and the fact that his office already had the evidence. We haven’t received a response from Dugan to date, which proves both his deception and his abuse of power.

click on image for larger view
Melissa Leahy-Rossow
Melissa Leahy-Rossow and "Friends"

Dugan’s Deception

Below is an email written to Dugan by a concerned person after they had read our initial article on the attempted false prosecution of Kevin Driscoll. Keep in mind that this is just one of many responses that Dugan has received.

Email to Dugan

Sent: Thursday, October 01, 2009 10:32 PM
To: Mike Dugan
Subject: Deschutes County vs. Kevin Driscoll
October 1, 2009

Mr. Dugan,

I am writing you in regards to the case of Kevin Driscoll and Melissa Leahy-Rossow. As a woman, it is hard for me to consider the idea that another woman would lie about this type of crime, making a mockery out of all the other women who are out there truly suffering from this type of heinous crime.

Unfortunately, it is my experience that lying about rape isn’t uncommon. Throughout high school, I lived in the Royal Haven girl’s home in Sisters, under the “care” of Steven Gage & Karen Lee. While there, I heard horrible stories from girls of violence and abuse, while suffering my own personal hell while in that home. There were also a handful of girls there who lied about being raped in the 3 years I was there. Their reasons for lying varied, but in the end it was all still the same. They were dodging responsibility for their own actions. They were searching for sympathy. They were making light of every girl who had ever truly suffered the shame, pain and embarrassment being raped brings with it. It is for this reason; I am disgusted with the charges Ms. Leahy-Rossow has charged Kevin Driscoll with. I know that I am not an expert, or an investigator, but I am a woman with common sense and integrity, and I am appalled at what is going on.

I have known Kevin for several years. In my opinion he is not capable of committing this type of crime. It is funny to me that his story makes sense, and her story is full of lies and inconsistencies. She lies about the stupidest things like how she arrived to Kevin’s house, and whether or not she was engaged in sexual activity with another man just shortly before going to Kevin’s room. There are several ridiculous lies she tells, and then there is the big one… that he violently and brutally raped her. Out of all the people at his house that night, every one of them seems to be backing up Kevin’s version of the story. Her own husband has stated publically that she lied to him about the rape because she knew he wouldn’t believe her. I cannot imagine my husband not believing me, and if he didn’t because I’d lied about it in the past then I would really think that said something about my character… wouldn’t you agree?

At first when this all started back in January, I believed that with all the evidence against Melissa there was no way that this case would go on as long as it has. But now, after almost 9 months, nothing has happened, and I am losing faith in the system. I am worried that the laws protecting the “victim” are preventing the accused from defending himself. I worry that the evidence is being overlooked by your office and that scares me; and not because I worry about Kevin going to jail, but I worry that the right thing isn’t being done. I worry that it is so easy for women to file false charges with no repercussions. The life Kevin has worked so hard for has been shattered by a false accusation and a refusal to fairly look at the whole picture, not just one side. It bothers me that I feel so let down by the system that has stood so strong by my side in the past. Things have clearly gotten out of hand here, and I hope that you would personally take the time, if you haven’t already, and look at all the evidence, not just the evidence that will be allowed in court, but everything. Both parties have a past, but if you could just set that aside and look at this case, the big picture, hopefully you can see that something has gone terribly wrong here. It is my belief that you hold the key to ending this all.

If it comes out that Melissa is indeed lying, is your office prepared to hold her responsible for her actions? Maybe if the women who lie about this type of thing were punished as harshly as the accused, it would weed out the dishonest and help the true victims feel more comfortable to come forward.

I hope that you take this letter to heart and ensure that the right thing is done in this case.

Very Respectfully,

Email Response from Dugan

From: Mike Dugan
Sent: Friday, October 02, 2009 8:43
Subject: RE: Deschutes County vs. Kevin Driscoll

Dear Ms. XXXXX,

Thank you for expressing your concern about a case that you read about in the US Observer. Please be understanding in that what you read may not be accurate. I prefer that the truth come from the witness stand, not from a tabloid. We believe that the true facts are much different than what you read. Of course, under the Constitution of Oregon and of the United States, Mr. Driscoll is presumed to be innocent.

I am in the business of seeking the truth and protecting victims and the community. Should we find that a person commits perjury we have filed criminal charges. We have filed criminal charges against women for making false police reports concerning rape charges.

I am disappointed that you, and many others who have read that article, have taken it to be the absolute truth and nothing but the truth. Perhaps you should wait until after the trial to make up your mind.


Michael T. Dugan
District Attorney
Deschutes County

About Michael Dugan’s Response

The facts that were contained in our first article were just that – facts. They were taken from indisputable video tapes and eye-witness statements. Michael Dugan’s response speaks for itself. There is no mistaking truth in fact as they are one in the same. The facts of this case are simple; Deschutes County District Attorney Michael Dugan and Assistant District Attorney Jody Vaughan don’t have a case against Kevin Driscoll. They have ruined Kevin Driscoll’s life and falsely charged him with serious crimes without doing their job. It is a fact that Dugan lied to XXXXX in his response above and it is a fact that both Dugan and Vaughan are very dangerous and corrupt individuals.

Dugan also stated that Deschutes County has filed criminal charges against women for making false police reports concerning rape charges. The US~Observer will be looking into that statement and rest assured we will continue to cover this issue as I don’t believe anything that DA Dugan says at this point.

We would also urge all citizens of Deschutes County, Oregon who are concerned with their safety to begin taking steps to get rid of both Dugan and his accomplice, Jody Vaughan.

Unfortunately for Dugan and Vaughan, our “Tabloid” subscribers in all 50 states and 13 foreign countries, have read and will continue reading about the false and corrupt prosecution of Kevin Driscoll.

A Mainstream Media Response

“We have received multiple e-mails about this case and have read the story which also criticizes - unfairly, I believe - the station I work for, and others as well. I suggest you take up any issues you have with our news director Lee Anderson, who I'm copying this reply in. Thanks for the note.”

Barney Lerten

Assignment Mgr/Digital Content Director
NewsChannel 21/KTVZ.COM
Bend, Oregon
(541) 617-6231
(cell) (541) 306-7849

Barney refers to being treated unfair in his writer’s blog response. Barney sounds exactly like DA Dugan doesn’t he? He should, because they both represent the same “system” that is guilty in this case…period.

What about Kevin Driscoll? What about the words and tactics used by Barney’s employer to paint a guilty picture of Driscoll to not only his neighbors, but all of Deschutes County and anyone who has viewed their deceitful coverage? Both Barney Lertin and DA Dugan are now exposed – they are what they are just as facts are always facts.

It has been reported to the US~Observer that News Channel 21/KTVZ.COM and others involved in the attempted destruction of Kevin Driscoll have received literally hundreds of calls from angry people who have already read the “facts” regarding the false criminal charges leveled at Kevin Driscoll. We want them to realize that more are on the way…

Please email us at with any information you may have regarding anyone involved in this case.

Editor’s Note: The US~Observer has received information that Deschutes County Assistant District Attorney Jody Vaughan has attempted to withhold important information from the defense in this case. Vaughan reportedly had information that Rossow had withheld critical information from the police and Vaughan apparently attempted to conceal it from the defense.

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