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Bush Administration Seeks $190 Billion For Wars --AP
ALERT-U.S. admits nearly 10,000 immigrants from "terrorism" states --Reuters

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US~Observer Exclusive Headlines

DA Campbell – Ex-DA Nifong
Willfully Wasting Taxpayers’ Dollars

Internal Revenue Scam
How The IRS Steals Estates
From Beneficiaries & Heirs

Internal Revenue Scam
Paying Federal Income Taxes? --US~Observer

OK Dept. of Corrections Misconduct? --US~Observer

At Wit's End
Attorney Malfeasance Eroding Real Justice

Jurors’ True Duties
Take back control before it’s too late

Oregon News

Josephine County
Cost-Cutting Saving Big Bucks
--IV News

Teacher fights to take gun to class --Reuters


How are Oregon Lottery proceeds used?
(And where will they be used in the 2007-2009 biennium?)

In the Nation

Internal Revenue Scam
Four-month trial ends with no convictions
Federal income tax evasion case involved 9 defendants

Innocents in Prison --National Journal

Hoffa: Bush creating North American Union
Mexican trucks part of 'master plan'

First North American Union
Drivers' Licenses Issued in US

Assignment has Students Renounce US Citizenship

Audit Finds U.S. Nuclear Weapons Parts Misplaced --Reuters

Questioning Kerry Results in a Shock
Outspoken Student Gets ‘Tased’ at College Talk
--Washington Post

'God' Responds to Senator's Almighty Lawsuit --Christian Post

Va. Republican Bill Would
Bar Illegal Immigrants From College
--Washington Post

High-Tech Security Visas
Sold on Mexican Black Market

Design and Sell Merchandise Online for Free

Around the Globe

Another Middle East War?
Speculation Centers on Fears of Missiles and Nuclear Weapons
Peace Talks Seem Impossible as Tensions Grow
--ABC News

U.S. targets in range, Iran says
UN nuclear watchdog resists use of force
--CanWest News Service

Iran hits back in war of words --Reuters

Rice urges bold action on Iran --Reuters

Health / Science

FDA to Probe Popcorn Link
in Man's Lung Disease

Prescription Drug Abuse Grows in U.S. --Reuters

Early Rising No Good for the Heart: Study --AFP

Google's moon shot:
Founders hope to inspire low-cost space travel
--Mercury News

New "soundwave" stove to cook AND cool food --Reuters


Have you been falsely charged with a crime? Call 541-474-7885


GOP is a Fraud

Is There One Person
Who Can Answer These Questions?
Workable Answers could Save America

Congress & State Legislatures in 08:
Greatest Challenge for 'We The People'
--Devvy Kidd

Helping Oregon with an outside-the-(big) box strategy --Michael Shuman

Grange Resolution - Support H.R. 5860
Amend the U.S. Internal Revenue Code of 1986
--Deer Creek Grange

Letters to the Editor --US~Observer


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