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Victor SayreVictor Sayre

Victor Sayre (pseudonym) is a software engineer and web developer with a background in Banking IT and Aerospace development.

Personal curiosity led him to attend journalism and film-making courses - then hit the streets with a video crew to expose truths that mainstream news conceals from the general public. He has appeared on televised political talk shows, internet broadcasts and is a frequent blogger. His preferred on-air pseudonym is "The Man in Black" and his journalism work has appeared in many public venues, documentary films, political campaigns and has been used for Congressional issues advocacy.

Personal involvement in various parties' political activities has helped develop his political views and a strong devotion to the founding principles of the United States. He brings a no-nonsense, fact-based approach to discussions of politics, science, environment and social issues. He has also produced and participated in several independent short film productions and, if you are not careful, he may recruit you to act in front of the camera.

"V" continues his pursuit of "Truth, Justice and the American Way" by contributing to the US Observer, a publication and a group he has come to respect. Aside from pursuing journalism and commentary, "V" is an avid swordsman, shooting instructor, enjoys hiking, swimming, weight-lifting and even chases a tennis ball on occasion.


Video by "V"

Taxpayers vs Unions - Sacramento CA
--Victor Sayre



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