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Joint Venture with the US~Observer
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Over the past 25 years publishing the US~Observer, previously the Oregon Observer, we've learned what it takes to win and to sway public opinion through intense investigative reporting.

We've learned that a great government is one that is held accountable by the public through the press; that not even the largest of monsters can stand against public opinion.

Some might ask, "Why a Newspaper?" It's an easy question to answer ... It works, and it offers many benefits.

We are seeking key individuals and groups who wish to carry on and expand the reach of the US~Observer by utilizing the method of our success. For each state we would like a representative newspaper; who would take on clients and pursue the truth, much as we have.

What we offer:

  • The name of your state (e.g. US~Observer Oklahoma)
  • Training in investigations, journalism, and print & on-line production.
  • On site office review and distribution set-up assistance.
  • Monthly printing and shipping of newspaper at a reduced rate.
  • First edition publishing walk-through.
  • State specific client referrals.
  • Web site graphic design.
  • The ability to make an income while making a difference!

We also offer:

  • Complete office; computers, software and peripherals at a highly reduced cost.
  • Complete monthly publishing services.

For more information on the
Joint Venture opportunity, please read
"Why a Newspaper" and
"Joint Venture Newspaper Benefits".

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To inquire on costs and specifics,
please contact us today!
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The US~Observer believes in our country, our constitution, and the public right to adequate representation.

The US~Observer is
designed to keep the
innocent free, the public
informed, and our form
of government controlled
by the people.

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