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In these tight times we are offering you a way to keep your government in check, justice served, and everyone accountable while potentially making some cash, too!

Give us any credible, verifiable, information regarding any of our cases, and/or any abuse by the justice system or the government and you could win the US~Observer's quarterly public investigator award!

What does that mean? You could win cold, hard, cash - up to $500 - and see your information put to good use by a publication that doesn't pull its punches!

This is no random drawing kind of thing. The better your information, the better your chances are of winning. The best information will be picked by the US~Observer board on its merits.

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About the US~Observer: For over 22 years we have been fighting to expose corruption and keep innocents from being falsely convicted. We do that through exposing the truth to the public through our printed and on-line paper. It works. We have been successful in over 4,200 cases. If you want to know more about what we do please go here.

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