Willful and Malicious Bankruptcy
Mortenson Files to Avoid Loss

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By US~Observer Staff

Seattle WA – On March 10, 2017 Christopher (Chris) M. Mortenson, represented by Bellevue, WA attorney Darrel B. Carter, filed a Petition for Bankruptcy protection in the US Bankruptcy Court located in Tacoma, WA.

Edward Snook, Editor-in-chief of the US~Observer, filed a defamation suit against Mr. Mortenson on April 13, 2015. Mortenson then countersued. In short order, Mortenson's countersuit was dismissed and Snook's lawsuit proceeded - headed for mandatory arbitration.

Prior to filing for Bankruptcy protection, Mortenson attempted two separate times to avoid arbitration. He failed on both occasions.

Mortenson's actions have been demonstrably “willful and malicious,” and according to 11 USC Section 523 (a)(6) of the Bankruptcy Code Snook's defamation suit is not legally dischargeable. Apparently, this did not stop Mortenson from finding a bankruptcy attorney who would try to push it through.

In a just legal system any person who files a claim in bankruptcy that is not dischargeable should be held accountable right along with his/her attorney. WA State attorney Mark Waldron is the Bankruptcy Trustee appointed to this case. Shouldn’t a Trustee know the law and be required to follow the law?

In this case, Snook is required to actually file a lawsuit in Federal Bankruptcy Court to stop Mortenson from trying to discharge Snook’s lawsuit in state court. This requires that Snook pay a $350.00 filing fee and then travel 10 hours to Seattle, WA to attend the “Meeting of Creditors”. He could then be required to make a second trip to resolve this case.

Snook recently stated, “I have decided not to pursue this matter as Mortenson would be extremely hard if not impossible to collect from on my Defamation suit against him, as he is claiming to be indigent.” He continued, “I’m not going to throw good money after bad and will let the facts contained in my articles about Mortenson and his cohort, Debby Swan, speak for themselves. The positive about Mortenson filing his Bankruptcy Petition is that he is showing the public that he would make every desperate attempt possible to avoid the truth about his actions coming out in open court.”

This case is a perfect example of the sad state of affairs that our so-called judicial system is in!

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