April 2005

Demanding Accountability

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Harassment in the hills of Nevada --US~Observer Also, look below for the latest in breaking current National and International news.

US~Observer April Headlines

Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office Protects Guilty Cop --US~Observer

Bad Officers in Josephine County --US~Observer

Club 71 "Stripped" of Employees !!! --US~Observer

A Good Cop Turned Bad? Valdez Update --US~Observer

The Party's Over for Club 71 --US~Observer

Keeping At Risk Children in Harms Way: ... DHS --US~Observer

Chicken Trial Aborted! Ex-DA Sat on Rotten Egg --US~Observer

Deschutes County Corruption Attorney Ingram
Continues “Legal Charade”

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Jackson County Leads Oregon in
Implementing Measure 37

Teens' Risky Behavior Down Since 1993 --AP

Irate Fed Judge Puts Lifetime Ban on Defense Lawyer --Law.com

Judge forbids board to pray at meeting --Daily Star

NRA Leader Advocates Guns for Teachers --The Sierra Times

Judges Say Overhaul Would Weaken Bankruptcy System --L.A. Times

Colorado Supreme Court Throws Out
Bible-Reading Jurors' Death Sentence

Minuteman Project begins this week;
committed volunteers said to top 1,000
--Sierra Vista Herald

Current US~Observer Investigations
To keep you informed on what we have going and
who we are helping now. If you feel you have been
victimized ... let us help!

Oregon News

Logging Resumes on Site of Oregon Fire --AP

The Dogs Known As 16974 In Kennel Run 13 --US~Observer


Chronic Illness Can Be Cured With Raw Foods --NewsWithViews.com

Health Tip: Male Menopause --HealthDay News

Americans Embrace Ancient Practice of Yoga --ABC News

Burger King Sandwich Packs the Calories --AP

A Post 9/11 Preparedness Guide --Washington Post

Read the new commentary article written by the Verbal Assassin!


April '05 Letters to the Editor

Nevada Agency Run Amuck - Letter to Congressman Jim Gibbons


"A Republic, If You Can Keep It" --John F. McManus

Are Certain Lives Not Worth Living? --jewishworldreview.com

US~Observer's Hero Spotlight! --US~Observer

Incredible Shrinking Colorado Gov. Bill Owens --NewsWithViews.com

A New Revolution is in the Air --NewsWithViews.com

Why Do Criminals Break the Law? --NewsWithViews.com


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