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The Big Takeover: A Must Read--Rolling Stone
Army vet billed $3,000 for war wounds --CNN

US~Observer Headlines

USFS Travel Plan
"Stealing" Public Access


The State of My Union

Elderly Couple Swindled
Gary Holmes' History of Fraud


US~Observer Exposes Client's Deceit

Texas Heirs Face Looming Danger

US~Observer Opens Investigation
on Idaho Attorney A. Bruce Larson


Independent Jury's Secret Power


Obama to Bill Combat Wounded for Medical Care
Requires private insurance carriers to reimburse the Department of Veterans Affairs

--News Max

U.S. output plummets
Manufacturing at record low


Ponzi Schemers Could be Hiding in the Hedges
--NY Post

ACORN to Help with 2010 Census!

2nd Amendment Federal Gun Licensing Coming Soon?
Blair Holt Bill a Reality


Wolf Delisting Back on Track
--Daily Inter Lake

2nd Amendment
Obama Effort to End Armed Pilots Program an Outrage, Says CCRKBA


State considers return to gold, silver dollars
Proposed bill slams Fed, allows payments in precious metals

--World Net Daily

Freedom-Loving Americans labeled "terrorists"”

Orlando "Tea Party" draws more than 4,000

Newspapers fold as readers defect and economy sours


Sheriff Supports Constitution
Gilbertson working to supplant crime best he can


Southern Oregon Search & Rescue
Devoted Volunteers Putting Their Lives on the Line


"Lethal to the American ideal"
Oregon Senate Bill (SB) 690 allows State to Seize Bank Assets


Oregon Firearm Legislation


Your Government at Work:
Betraying American Citizens

--Frosty Wooldridge

The Economic "Wool"
--Eric Coltrane

The Dream That Was America
--Robert Hawes

Ten Square Miles of Criminal Enterprise
--Devvy Kidd

What is an American?
A look back - Has it changed?
--Peter Ferrara

Letters to the Editor

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