Demanding Accountability

Michael Minns

Michael MinnsMichael Minns, as proclaimed by both Geraldo and G. Gordon Liddy, is the best tax defense lawyer in America. An officer of the Enrolled Agents Society, an organization of accounting and tax professionals, stated that if you can't hire Minns on your criminal tax case ... then pack your toothbrush, you are heading for jail.

He is a featured writer for the US~Observer, as well as being the chief consulting lawyer for the news organization.

As a former Texas Boxing Champion, Minns learned to never pull a punch and his victories include the largest tax refund case in US history; the first and second disbarment of IRS lawyers for misconduct in US history; the largest number of off shore acquittals in a single case in US history; and, the largest legal malpractice judgment against a divorce lawyer in US History. Quite a “partial resume”. Minns' specific individual victories are too numerous to mention but many are discussed in his two bestselling books; “The Underground Lawyer” and “How to Survive the IRS”.

The perspective he has gained by not only defending people from the IRS, but also going after the lawyers from the IRS, as well as the con-artists who made citizens vulnerable to IRS in the first place, has given him a unique point of view regarding government payoffs and financial wrangling. Minns' web site:



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