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Eric Coltrane

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Michael Minns


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Ex-ACORN Vegas director to testify against group --AP
Cervical Cancer Vaccine Linked to Deaths --ABC News


US~Observer Headline

Corrupt DA Robert Beckett
Open Letter to Josephine County Commissioners From Sheriff Gil Gilbertson


US~Observer Special Edition Headlines (Daily Headlines below)

City Council Recall Facts -
Councilors Need to Stay

Recall About Access To Huge Fees -
Financial Control Without Public Vote


Power, Money, Influence and Corruption

Daily Courier Deceives
Promotes Recall Using False Information


US~Observer Headlines Continued Below Daily Headlines

Daily Headline Picture

(Khalid Mohammed/AP Photo)
Iraq forces admit lapses
after blasts kill 95


Daily Headlines

Going Postal
Obamacare smacks of USPS inefficiency


Canada Underfunded:
Thousands of surgeries may be cut in Metro Vancouver

--Vancouver Sun

Tight budget quashes US space ambitions: panel

US~Observer Upcoming Investigation

Grants Pass, OR - Monica Henrich is allowed to spend one day a week with her children, thanks to one local judge's ruling in favor of social worker Kim Brouhard, granting her exclusive say in determining Monica's custody and visitation rights.

Monica has been forced into supervised visits even though she has no criminal record - whatsoever.

All this because Monica walked into court without a lawyer when she went to a custody hearing she initiated and her ex-husband’s lawyer was and is, allegedly, a personal friend of the judge.

We will be vehemently pursuing a just and rightful outcome for Monica - uniting her with her children.

US~Observer Special Edition Headlines Continued


Wall Street Bonuses Set Off Alarms
--Washington Times

Heroin Use, Drug Busts Up, According to Police
--ABC News

REAL ID Revamped
--Campaign for Liberty

Auto inventories tight, U.S. “clunker” interest slips


With Surcharges, Oregon Cities Can “Soak the Poor”

Open Letter to Josephine County Commissioners From Sheriff Gil Gilbertson

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Debt, The Federal Reserve, The Gold Standard, and Free Markets
--Eric Coltrane

Financial Rape: PERS of Oregon

Progressives Think the Protests are Manufactured

Security Before Politics
--Washington Post

Bush-Joker Kinda Made Sense, Obama-Joker Racist: Washington Post
--Big Hollywood

Proposed Healthcare Reform:
Good Enough for You NOT Good Enough for Congress?

Letters to the Editor

oregon castle ad


SAF Sues D.C. Over Carrying of Handguns

OFF Files Suit in Maxwell Case
Battles for Marine Corps Veteran


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