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   US~Observer Editor Picks

Antarctic ice growing

East Chicago Re-Elects
Councilman Facing
Murder & Drug Charges

Cop Arrested For
Shooting Himself,
Blaming it on Motorist
--Liberty News

Autism Rates Explode in
Asia After Introducing
Western Vaccines

   US~Observer Print Edition Headlines

James Faire

Facts Behind the Curtain
James Faire’s False Prosecution

Okanogan County, WA – On June 19, 2015, Okanogan Sheriff Frank Rogers held a press conference to announce he had detained “squatters” who ... had intentionally run over a woman twice. That tale went viral in the drive-by media incriminating James Faire and Angela Nobilis...

And for 24 hours or so that story was believable for people ignorant of basic facts in the case.... But, as evidence previously exposed here in the US~Observer proves, there were no “squatters,”... and no one was run over twice. Read the story

Turning a Blind-Eye to Justice
Okanogan County Prosecutor Sloan's
Mission to Convict At All Cost


A Small, Yet Telling Victory:
No Contact Order “Stricken”
Jessica Morton’s Story Continues


Facts Behind the Curtain
James Faire’s False Prosecution


Blackmail with Immunity
What does Citizenship
mean to you?

Red's Corner: The “Unstolen” Car
Donate to the Jessica Morton Defense Fund

Southern Oregon Home For Sale

   US~Observer Print Edition Headlines (Continued)


Judge Unravels Illegal Activity by Prosecution, But Will He Do Anything About It?

In six years some 1,000 police officers have lost their badges over ‘sexual misconduct’

DHS Offering Employers Cash If They Hire Alien College Grads Over Citizens

Disney Sacks American Employees, Makes Them Train Their Foreign Replacements

Wrongfully Convicted Man Hopes State Bill Prevents Future Mistakes

Prosecutions of US police officers surge over civilian deaths

Two Men Wrongfully Convicted of Murder in Maryland, Says Innocence Project

Conservative targeting accusations, legal issues persist for IRS after Justice ends probe
--Washington Times

High school football player penalized for pointing to sky after touchdown

Personal Liberty Digest

Personal Liberty Digest Contributions

How to stamp out cultural Marxism in a single generation

The American terrorist: White, Christian, owns guns and believes in liberty

Making it easier for the addicted public to get its pharmaceutical poison

Obamacare may not survive the year

Devvy Kidd


Crime Lab Scandals Just Keep Getting Worse
--Dahlia Lithwick, Slate

The Natural Right to Self-Defense
--Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News

Politicians Pander to an Anti-Fed Public
--Tho Bishop,

I’m a public defender. It’s impossible for me to do a good job representing my clients.
--Tina Peng, Washington Post

Bernie’s Implausible Invention: the Sinister Billionaire Class
--Rich Lowry, National Review

The Pointless Banishment of Sex Offenders
--New York Times Editorial Board

John Rhys-Davies’s Un-PC Solution to Europe’s Migrant Crisis

Preppers Property For Sale


25-yrs After Police Tortured Him Into False Confession
--Huffington Post

Families of Victims Murdered By Illegal Aliens Storm Washington

FBI data show assaults on cops dropped sharply in 2014
--Washington Post

Government takes family's land near Area 51

Texas Governor to BLM: Cease “Unconscionable" Land Grab
--Texas Tribune

Senate passes controversial cybersecurity bill Cisa 74 to 21
--The Guardian

More Than Two-thirds of Patients On Anti-depressants Not Depressed

FBI: Violent Crime Falling As Gun Sales Rise
--Libertarian Republic

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