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Bio Curtis Wayne Chancler

Born Earth Texas Feb. 3 1942, first of three sons born to Bud and Jimmie Chancler. Raised and attended school from first grade until the ninth grade in Amarillo Texas. Left Texas in 1959 and moved to Southern Oregon. From 1959 until 1973 lived life in pursuit of a PhD in life. This was achieved through a constant adrenalin rush from fast cars, fast bikes, bad girls and good whiskey and all of the misadventures that combination brings to any young man’s life.
In 1973 met and married the love of my life Carolyn Zarosinski and began the biggest adventure yet. From 1972 to present day life has been rich in the form of incredible relationships, friendships and god’s gift of being a father, grandfather, great grandfather, patriot and free American.
In 1972 began a small business that is still open today, in 1997 cofounded a conservative government watchdog group that created an active court watch program that logged over seventeen hundred hours accumulatively by its membership the courts of southern Oregon.
The lion’s share of time from 1997 until now has been in the self education of the Constitution, Law, Administrative Rule and government. One of the most rewarding parts of the last thirteen years has been my involvement in citizen activism and playing a small role in assisting the US Observer in its quest to hold government accountable to the people.


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