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Curt Chancler
Curt Chancler

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Ron Lee
Ron Lee

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Dr, Kathy

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J.M. Appleton

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Lorne Dey

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Government Workers Now Outnumber Manufacturing Workers by 9,977,000 --CNS News

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Obama Administration
Gives Up on
Pacific Trade Deal

Soros-fronted orgs
calling for anti-Trump
protests (VIDEO)

Meet 9 Exonerees
who Served in
the Military
--Innocence Project

Freedom on Trial

   US~Observer Print Edition Headlines

James and Angela Faire

Okanogan’s Murder-in-the-1st?
Accused’s Bail Reduced,
Ankle Bracelet Removed

"Finegold admitted that the police report he made on June 17, 2015 was false. He went on to say that Debra Long “made him do it” and if it wasn't for her “he would not have done it.” Finegold continued to disclose that Long told him what to say to police on the 17th and that Long instructed him and fellow gang members to keep James and Angela on his Sourdough property after they arrived the following day." ...And yet, the malicious prosecution continues

Okanogan’s Murder-in-the-1st?
The Malicious Prosecution


Inequation For Arrest


Enemy of the State
The continuing
Schaeffer Cox story


Diminish the Difference
Between Plea Deals &
Trial Sentencing

Ex-attorney general
sentenced to jail,
then cuffed in court

Collusion to Convict
The True Story Behind
the John Goodman Trial


US~Obsrerver Joint Venture

   US~Observer Print Edition Headlines (Continued)


Pre-Dawn No-Knock SWAT Raid for Minor Drug Charge Ruled Unconstitutional

Montana Supreme Court Affirms Right to Jury Trial in Civil Forfeiture Cases

Single Mom Faces Jail Time After Participating in Facebook Food Group
--Fox News

Senator Rand Paul Returns $620,000 To The US Treasury
--Global Dispatch

Universities work to purge male students of their ‘toxic’ masculinity
--The College Fix

I spent 28 years on death row
--The Guardian

He was just a kid when he was wrongly convicted of rape
--Innocence Project

Four Richmond officers to be fired in wake of police sex crime scandal
--LA Times

Federal Court Case Asks: Is it Against Constitution for Caseworkers to Lie?
--Chronicle of Social Change

Exoneree to be awarded $6.42 million
--Innocence Project

Exoneree Calls on Lawmakers to Prevent Eyewitness Misidentification
--Innocence Project

Supporters gather in N. California in push to form new state

Texas State Senator: Foster Care Facility was a ‘Brothel’

Triple Murder Case Puts State Forensic Analyst Back under the Microscope
--Innocence Project

The Exoneree Band is Free to Rock, and Rightly So
--NY Times

Outrage: EPA Hiring 15 New $100k Per Year Employees to do This...
--LN Buzz

Takeaways From Bundy Acquittal

The Free Thought Project

The Free Thought Project Contributions

Former DEA Prescription Head Drops a BombShell — Congress Protects
Big Pharma & Fuels Opioid Crisis

WATCH: California Cops Rob Every Penny from Innocent Family, Including their Children

Cop Famous for Falsely Arresting Dozens of People is Run Over By Woman
Who Refuses to be Arrested

Devvy Kidd


The Elimination of Reason
--24 Hour Gold

Zoning Laws are Erasing the American Dream

When a state’s drug chemist lies for years, should all her cases be thrown out?
--Washington Post

Texas Finally Finds a Woman Legally Innocent of Murder
--The Atlantic

Meet the law that turns parents into pedophiles
--NY Post

Incarceration in the U.S. costs more than $1 trillion a year, University study claims
--STL Today

Government Health Insurance Up, Freedom Down

Book: Police Generate False Confessions Using Coercive Tactics New Book Claims
--The Libertarian Republic

The Path to Total Dictatorship: America's Shadow Government and Its Silent Coup
--Rutherford Institute

Southern Oregon Home For Sale

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