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Green Horn Pilot Cars


Obama AWOL on Vets Day--NY Post
U. S. District Court – District of Columbia - As Corrupt as it Gets --US~Observer

US~Observer Edition Headlines (Daily Headlines below)

Kevin Driscoll
Is This Justice?
US~Observer Exclusive

Michael Minns
Severe IRS Abuse
Laywer Minns Protects Pilot's Rights


Scott Bradford US Attorney
Bend Family's Real Estate Nightmare
Obama Mortgage Investigation "Operation Stolen Dreams" Falsely Targets Entrepreneurs?


John Rodabaugh
The Gun Show Bandit
WAC's John Rodabaugh


Jody Vaughan
As Bad as it Gets
Jody Vaughan
Deschutes County Oregon Prosecutor


probate looting
Size of Estate No Deterrent to
Probate Looting Actions


obama's second year
Impeach Obama:
Wasted Effort - Wrong Legal Remedy


Unconstitutional Double Standards
Unconstitutional Double Standards


Guradians Gone Wild?
Guardians Gone Wild?
State-sanctioned thievery at its sickest


US~Observer Headlines Continued Below Daily Headlines

Daily Breaking Headlines


US~Observer Editor Picks
Daily Breaking Headlines

Clinton Announces $150 Million in Aid to Palestinian Authority...
Clinton Announces $150 Million in Aid to Palestinian Authority...
--State Department

Oil prices close in on $90
Oil prices close in on $90



Statism, the Greatest Threat
Statism, the Greatest Threat
--Prison Planet TV

Chancler and DC Parts

US~Observer Edition Headlines (Continued)


Probate Court abuses found all across the U.S. GAO Report cites stolen assets
--Arizona Republic

Six Americans killed in Mexico's drug war city
--Julian Cardona

San Francisco bans Happy Meals?

China Showdown with US
--Alan Beattie in Washington, Geoff Dyer in Beijing, Chris Giles in LondonFinancial Times

Number of the Week: $10.2



Congress Taking Up Oregon Judicial Appointments

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9 Reasons Why Quantitive Easing Is Bad For The U.S. Economy
--Michael Snyder

What the Midterm Results Mean For the Grassroots Leader
--Adam de Angeli

Reject the Welfare/Warfare State
--Ron Paul

US~Observer Letters to the Editor

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Behind the Scenes, Obama Continues Pushing UN Gun Control Treaty

Gun Owners Have Up-Hill Battle Ahead



Breakthrough: Microchip Restores Partial Sight
--LIve Science

CT scans reduce lung cancer deaths
For a doctor pushing lung screening, a vindication


Be fit, have fewer colds: study

Electrical Brain Stimulation May Raise Math Skill
--Web MD Heath News


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