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Curt Chancler

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Harry Reid Omits "Under God" While Citing Pledge Of Alleigiance - VIDEO --Real Clear Politics
Democratic senator wants Internet sales taxes --CNET

   Daily News - US~Observer Editor Picks

Fed's Hoenig: Big banks
are government-backed


US deficit up 15.7% in
first half of fiscal 2011




Town Bans Tea Party
Signs in Public Park

--Capitol Confidential

   US~Observer Print Edition Headlines

Paul Anderson Fights for His Vindication
Paul Anderson Fights for His Vindication
Malicious Prosecution - Manny Mairs
The Pain and Suffering
of a Malicious Prosecution

Medford Police Department and Libby Brothers
Pursued by Medford, Oregon Police?
Bar Complaint on Jody Vaughan
Abusive Ex-Prosecutor Slammed in Bar Complaint

Montana False Charges
Result in Million Dollar Suit

Pledge of Allegiance
and Tax Day Tea Party
Ex-DA's Right Hand Man Applies for Judgeship
The Power of the Jury!
Update on Juror’s Rights

Obama to Seek 2nd Term
Why Obama should be indicted but won't


Connecticut estate case exposes inheritance rights realities

Law Enforcement Lies
“To Save Their Own Skins”


The Biofuel Blues...
Alcohol Sucks!


   Daily Breaking Mainstream Headlines


Devvy Kidd


   US~Observer Print Edition Headlines (Continued)


Supreme Court rules against exonerated death row inmate who sued prosecutors
--Washington Post

Judge loses shot at getting job back
--Washington Examiner

FBI on alert for Libyan terror attack: Director
--Law Enforcement Examiner

Corn prices hit record highs

FBI: ‘Unprecedented’ level of violence in Mexico

Errors still common in U.S. hospitals

US: North Korea may be considering more attacks


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Chancler and DC Parts


Wild And Crazy 2011:
10 History-Shattering Events That Have Shaken The Financial World To The Core

Dumb and Dumber and Dumberer
--Barry Ferguson,

It's Never Just the Economy, Stupid
--By Brian Kennedy, IMPRIMIS

Matthew James DeYoung - The Man, The Legend
--US~Observer Special Tribute

oregon castle ad


Grassroots gun rights groups gain momentum

ATF Agent Charged With Stealing Guns, Cigarettes, For Resale

Arizona House passes law allowing guns on campuses


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