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George Zimmerman
will be found Not Guilty Florida’s Racially
Motivated Trial


• Florida False
DUI Conviction

• California False
Medical Marijuana Prosecution

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Curt Chancler
Curt Chancler

Devvy Kidd

Michael Minns

Ron Lee
Ron Lee

Dr. Kathy Marshack
Dr, Kathy

Eric Coltrane

Ted Williams
Ted Williams

Lou Ann

J.M. Appleton
J.M. Appleton

Victor Sayre

Nathan Wente
Nathan Wente

Anya Bennett
Anya Bennett

Lorne Dey
Lorne Dey

<<< Wyden warns data collection under Patriot Act is 'limitless' --The Hill >>>
‘US Constitution makes no exception for national security’

   Daily News - US~Observer Editor Picks

‘I’ve Got One Tool,
To Beat People And Take
Them To Jail’

--Secret of the Fed

‘The Question Libertarians
Just Can’t Answer’

--Tom Woods

A look back: Where was
the Natioal Support
for this Woman?


House rejects NSA spying restrictions after White House outcry

   US~Observer Print Edition Headlines

Randy Gray and Family
Motive and Intent,
The Curry Family
The IRS is at it again...

Jamie Clark
Wrongfully Convicted Man
Deserves Release

George Zimmerman vs. Goliath
Zimmerman vs. Goliath

Gun Show Bandit Rodabaugh
Gun Show Bandit
John Rodabaugh’s Abuses

Who is spying on you?
Who is spying on you?

Ex Cop Sues City
Ex Cop Sues City
Over Wrongful Termination
Justice hypocrisy
The Hypocrisy of
Justice as a System
10 reasons I won't give up my guns. Lorne Dey
Ten Reasons Why I’ll
Never Give Up My Guns

   Daily Breaking Mainstream Headlines


Devvy Kidd

   US~Observer Print Edition Headlines (Continued)


Tacoma parents lose baby for 8 months after trip to ER

DNA Clears Manís Murder Charge

Mayor Arrested for attempted rape at gunpoint
--The Mental Recession

Airport valet parked cars now searched under TSA regulations

Prosecutor Admits Violating Bar Rules in Sexual Assault Trial
--Bangor Daily News

US reviews 27 death penalty convictions due to FBI errors

Teens on bikes rescue girl from kidnapper

Mom Gets 20 Years For Firing a Warning Shot

Nuisance Ordinances - More Taxes, No Jury

Even Unions Are Turning on Obamacare
--Heritage Foundation

Man Wins Lawsuit Against TSA Teaches Them 4th Amendment

NRA blasts Holder for pushing gun control on Trayvonís back
--Washington Times

Chancler and DC Parts

LI Debt Ceiling

Personal Liberty Digest Contributions

More Evidence That The U.S. Government is a Criminal Enterprise

The Food Stamp Army

Neighborhood Aims To Stop Crime

Officer Charged For Assaulting Random Female Pedestrian, Knocking Her Teeth Out

Most Want Free Market, Not Regulations, to Dictate Healthcare Costs

Mild Beer Consumption Can Benefit Heart Health: Researchers

10 Survival Lessons Learned In Combat

Is The Safety Of The State Really Worth More Than The Truth?

southern oregon property for sale


Above the law -- Obama's radical rejection of the rule of law has fatal consequences
--Judge Andrew Napolitano

Governmentís ĎPassioní to Protect Us
--Ron Paul

After Exoneration, Justice is Fleeting for the Wrongfully Convicted
--Crystal Shepeard

Ten Reasons Why Iíll Never Give Up My Guns
--Lorne Dey

The Hypocrisy of Justice as a System
--Ron Lee


Eighty percent of the packaged foods on our grocers shelves are banned in other countries

1st GMO flu vaccine approved - Contains reprogrammed insect virus

US~Observer Edition 2 Number 23

See the US~Observer
as it was printed!
(This is a large file and
may not be suitable for
dial-up connections.)

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